Everyone Loves a Comeback

Take advantage of our workout recovery services in Bend, OR

Recovery is just as important as the workout itself. Sweat Revival offers a wide range of workout recovery services designed to let your muscles heal so you can return to your routine refreshed.

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Discover our list of recovery services

Discover our list of recovery services

Our workout recovery services are personalized to fit your unique needs. Heal your body with:

  • Kinesio Tape: We'll increase your flow of oxygen by applying heavy-duty tape to key areas of the body.
  • Cupping therapy: We'll place hypoallergenic silicone cups on key areas of the body to increase blood flow.
  • Light muscle work: Through stretches and light massages, we'll increase blood flow and restore your muscles.
  • Compression therapy: Comparable to a massage, compression therapy encourages excess fluid in the lymphatic system to leave the body.
  • Red and near-infrared light therapy: Using infrared lighting, we'll treat joint pain and improve the look of your skin.

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