Turn a cheat day treat into a bowl of nutrition for a "Chili" Fall day.


Happy Halloween to you all! As we see the leaves change and the temperature drop we begin to crave hearty soups to soothe our souls. I love French Onion soup and always seem to have a quick craving that can usually be fulfilled by just a cup. Earlier in the week I made French Onion in the crockpot and had an over abundance of this oh so oniony soup. Brant and I (you'll meet Brant in a future post here soon) got tired of the soup fairly quick. Therefor it sat in the fridge in Tupperware taking up precious space.

French Onion Soup does not provide a good amount of nutrition to justify eating consistently. The caloric content is low minus the French bread and cheese, but that is the best part! French Onion is cheat day soup for sure! This soup is placed in the empty calorie box (I will do a post on empty calories here soon too). The sodium content, carbs and saturated fat is not ideal for healthy bodies.

Brant had mentioned he wanted to learn to make chili in the crockpot from scratch. As he said that I was opening the fridge door and noticed the huge Tupperware of French Onion. I quickly said "what if you used the leftover soup for your chili?" We all look for a good excuse not to chop onions and have our eye's burn. Specially Brant who typically asks me to chop onions for him. Luckily we had some canned kidney and black beans handy in the pantry. Beans are a great source of protein, folate, and according to Medicalnewstoday.com also prevents a fatty liver.We also had some ground beef ready which is not typical as I prefer leaner meats such as turkey or chicken. (don't be afraid to substitute the leaner ground meat or even a plant based sausage to save on fat and calories, the flavor will not be comprised) Brant began compiling his ingredients and ran to the store to collect some canned chilis to add some kick and canned diced tomatoes .Chilis provide vitamin C and B6 according to Healthline.com The other ingredient we had on hand was back olives. That was Brant's surprise addition being and olive lover. Black olives contain calcium, magnesium and iron adding to the nutritional value of this crockpot chili.


Brant has added the ingredients into the crockpot and is off playing disc golf as I type and the Chili slowly cooks. Here is how he did it!

Below is the French Onion recipe for your quick fix.


Download French Onion Soup Recipe


  1. Add a light oil to a cast iron or medium sized pan on medium high. Next add ground meat of choice and brown. We used 10oz of ground beef, feel free to use more or less. Next add the canned chili's and mix in to sync flavors. Brant added about a teaspoon of fresh chopped garlic and let that cook about 5-6 minutes or until the meat was browned through.

  2. Next add the meat, chili, garlic mix to a crockpot set on low. Then add the can of diced tomatoes and the surprise can of sliced black olives. Give the mix a good stir. Next stir in each can of beans.Place the lid on top and let the flavors combine for about a half hour.

  3. After 30 min has gone by lastly add your left over French Onion soup leaving about an inch of space at the top of the crockpot cooker. Stir your chili and cover. We started around 9:30am and will let it cook on low until 4 pm then switch it to warm setting until we enjoy!

    Here is a pic of what's cooking. You can see a huge chunk of garlic on the tomato! Yum!


I personally enjoy a little cilantro and shredded cheddar on top. The sky is the limit on toppings for a good chili. Just remember to keep it light and lean, no bacon :)

Thanks for letting me rant in excitement about my boyfriend's attempt at cooking something without a recipe in hand and improvising! Kudos to my guy! Please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions on making this even better! I love hearing from you.

Hope you all have a Happy Halloween!!!!