Stuck allowing my superiors to shine for me. I decided to shine the light on number one. The client.

I have always been more of an introvert and do not particularly care for putting myself on display. I have always been the person behind the scenes assisting the highlighted individual to be their best.

Most of my professional background reflects exactly that. From a sales associate at Nordstrom to 7 years assisting physical therapists. My work has always been backing someone else up. You'd think I was destined for it.

I had no idea that one day I would have the strength to venture out on my own as an entrepreneur. I new I was smart, I knew I was ambitious but felt held back professionally. The only path to achieving what I believed in and giving people the best experience possible was to take a risk and be that highlighted individual.

What I found was exactly opposite of I thought I "had" be. This highlighted individual wasn't me, it was the client. Little did I know that going out on my own wasn't all about me. I am here assisting my clients to be the highlight of their lives and my role is to be the best support system for them. I am puttying myself out there and taking risks for the client. I provide a safe, motivating environment while supporting them to achieve their goals. The assistant that I was in the past is still part of my nature. I just had to find my way of helping others be their best while following my passions and ambitions. I am no longer helping others to help others, I am providing direct passionate work to people who are ready to change and move forward.