Should you workout after your COVID-19 Vaccination?

The state of Oregon is opening up vaccinations to residents over the age of 16 on April 19th. Those that are electing to get vaccinated are preparing themselves for the possibility of having adverse reactions post vaccine. As there is not much information or research done on the vaccination and the toll it takes to your muscular skeletal system. I am going to give my personal account after getting my first round of the Pfizer vaccine.

On Wednesday, March 24th 2021 I received my first injection of the Pfizer vaccine. First I have to mention how wonderful and organized my experience at the Deschutes Co. Fairgrounds was. From the minute you drive in there is a pleasant volunteer assisting you through the process. It couldn't have been easier. Not mention all the handsome strapping National Guardsmen helping out too.

I felt fine after the injection. Maybe even a little excitement knowing that my vaccination was helping our community combat this virus. A couple hours later my upper arm was sore and increased throughout the evening. It was tolerable but definitely annoying. I took it easy the next day and mainly had slight headache. My upper arm pain was minimal at best. That Friday I woke up feeling great and figured I would try a workout. I had heard mentions of muscle and joint pain after the injection but I didn't think it would be bad considering I was almost 48 hours outside of first injection. I did a 1500 meter row to start and then moved on to weighted walking lunges and lateral banded steps. I did notice fatigue setting in quicker than normal. Next I did some upper body on the TRX and moved on to core. I was sure to recover properly (which ALL my clients know I am huge on proper body recovery) stretched on the stall bar and did some fluid yoga. I drank 32oz of water amidst the workout.

I felt a little tired but definitely felt my endorphins kicking in giving a boost in my mood and energy. About an hour later I crashed. I was so fatigued I could barely keep my eyes open. Once I napped an intense headache came on that lasted for 24 hours. I should mention I have a history of issues with headaches so I assumed it was imminent to experience some type of headache. That Saturday joints and muscles were very sore. Typically it is the 2nd day after a workout that I feel most sore. I felt like I had just ran a marathon. I rested through that Sunday and finally recovered on Monday.

Please remember that every body is unique and how our bodies' react to certain stressors such as vaccinations can vary person to person. What you experience could be very different from mine. With that, based off what I experienced. I feel rest is key. Your immune system goes into high gear after your injections and you need to give your body the most energy available to heal after your vaccination. I thought I was fine and definitely over did it, which I feel is what set me back. If you must workout I suggest low impact cardio. Go for a nice easy walk or bike ride. This will prevent your joints and muscles from being symptomatic. Be sure to stretch and hydrate. You want to give your body the most relief it can get to sustain your immune system working over time.

If you have any questions or would like to share your vaccination experience, I encourage you to comment below. Also If you need assistance with scheduling your vaccination I am happy to help! Sweat Revival is here to empower our community and keep moving with a smile!


Here is the link to pre-register for your COVID-19 vaccination should you choose to do so in Deschutes county.