Liver and lust

We all have our pleasures when it comes to alcoholic beverages. A post mountain bike beer after a hard ride. A glass of wine in a comfy chair by the fire after a long day. A whiskey neat while staring across the bar at a colorful character. A glass of bubbly to celebrate! Sadly what we are not celebrating is the impact these treats have on our liver. The more we drink the more cells are damaged in our liver causing scaring. This could cause symptoms such as fatigue which can hold us back from physical activities we enjoy. Not mention the additional calories we take in upon every sip.

In January I had my annual check up with my primary physician and we discovered an elevated enzyme in my liver. It was very minor and was not even borderline concerning. It did concern me tremendously. My doctor only suggested to cut back on drinking, but I elected to take an additional step to help my liver since I as experiencing some fatigue and thought it could relate to my liver since the elevated enzymes came to light. I elected to do a liver cleanse.

I chose to begin a 30 day cleanse with a specific liver cleansing capsule. Renew Life Liver Detox is the supplement I went with due to its organic and natural ingredients. .This product requires you to take capsules orally morning and evening. After about 12 days I began to feel lighter and brighter. My energy levels increased tremendously. Believe it or not I even dropped a few lbs! By day 30 I felt great and even my bowels were moving on a perfect schedule. I informed my doctor of this and she commended me for being proactive about my liver. Because I was so ecstatic about how my bowels were moving, I asked her about additional daily supplements that may support my liver. She recommended Milk Thistle, which is one of the ingredients in the 30 days cleanse I completed. I chose Nature's Way brand Milk Thistle . I have been taking one capsule daily and feel that I am maintaining the success I had with the cleanse.

Now I have to be completley honest here. During the cleanse I did not quit drinking but limited it to a cocktail/wine or two on the weekend. I always consider the known quote " All good things in moderation" when it comes to alcoholic endeavors. This is obviously not a secret we have heard despite our vices that cutting alcoholic beverages out of our diet is the best route to a healthy liver. A client started with Sweat Revival recently who has been sober since October 2020. We have had discussions about her sobriety and she mentions the mental and social struggle with quitting booze. She now has a wonderful mindset on sobriety and body mindfulness. One thing she did to keep her on track is start an Instagram account that highlights tasty non alcoholic concoctions. Here is the link to Bar None Mocktails instagram.

According to a liver cleanse is generally safe to attempt. If you are on a blood thinner, take medication for osteoporosis or hepatitis c, or take certain diabetes medications, Milk Thistle can have adverse affects when taken along side. I have a red wine loving potential client that asked me today about liver supplements and and thyroid medication. First of all. I am NOT an MD. I am just a little ol' personal trainer with a passion for total body wellness. I am NOT here to prescribe anything but a great workout. I please ask that before you begin any new regimen to consult with your primary care doctor. Now, with that out of the way I did a little research for her and found on single that a liver cleanse would be a good and generally safe option. Here is the link

Spring has sprung and the desire for a Margarita on the patio, a rich red wine with a steak on the grill or a post paddle beer is imminent. Be kind to your body and remember "all good things in moderation". Also don't forget about the mocktail option, your liver will thank you.