For stress free hibernation during our current health crisis, try exercise.

Updated: Mar 13, 2020

Everyone is under the stress of our current health situation. As we all hunker down and ride out this storm remember to keep moving even if it's in your residence. As most of us know exercise releases endorphins that positively affect the receptors in our brain. Stay stress free and do these simple exercises in your home, all you need is chair or armrest of your couch for stability.

Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and rest your hands on the back rest of a chair and do 10-20 squats depending on ability.

Use the same stance as your squat and bend slightly forward stabilizing yourself on the back rest of the chair. Lift your leg behind you activating your glutes. Lift each leg 10-20 times depending on ability.

Ditch the chair and stand nice and tall with your feet shoulder width apart. Raise one arm starting at the side of your body and l meet your inner upper arm to your ear. Bend your torso to the side your fingers are pointing to activate your core. Complete each side 10-20 times. If you add a little pizzaz to the move do a toe tap on the same side your arm is lifted when its meets your ear.

These simple moves will boost your endorphins while you hibernate to avoid illness during this trying time. If you have any questions or would like extra home exercise advice email Krista at Please keep in mind our studio in Bend is dedicated to you and only you when you schedule for personal training. We take every effort to disinfect after every client so you can feel safe about virus transmission in our studio. Again please do not hesitate if you would like to schedule or need advice. Sweat Revival is here to help!